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  • Youth Development

    The Football House Ltd has developed her own sports development program and is currently implementing it directly and also offering the model to other entities.

    The Football House Ltd also provides consulting services to entities that wish to establish their own short term and long term football programs and provides scouting services to these entities. We got number of players from different areas in East Africa that are under this program.

  • Corporate Sports Agent

    We provide consulting services to coorperates and development partners who are keen to offer sponsorship packages to their respective partners/ beneficiaries.

    We assume the role of the “Football Agent”, thus initiating, negotiating and overseeing specific sponsorship agreements to safeguard the client’s ROI and protect the client’s image throughout the contract. The huge corporate culture gap between sponsor and recipients necessitates such a role.

  • Pro Player Management

    The Football House Ltd has the largest database of local players, coaches, managers, sports clubs, sports and sports academies. This is essentially a swap meat, where every talent that is renown in any corner of Tanzania can be found.

    We facilitate player trade, loans, trials and scouting.

  • Tournament & Sporting Events

    The Football House Ltd organizes and facilitates sporting events, directly and also as a consultant. We assist corporates, schools, football associations, local governments, NGOs, Individuals to organize events that can be one off or annual year round league.

    We facilitate in the procurement of event gear and equipment.

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